Baptist Medical Group - Senior Health

Baptist Medical Group - Senior Health

Baptist Medical Group–Senior Health is committed to providing superior care to meet the unique needs of the mature adult. Andrea Hackel, M.D.; Scott Hoff, M.D. and Peter Manis, M.D., FACEP, along with their dedicated team of nurse practitioners, serve patients and residents in long-term nursing facilities and skilled nursing units in the area.


Our providers visit facilities to monitor residents and address critical needs. Our services include:

  • Management of acute illness with close follow-up care
  • Evaluation and management of chronic illnesses
  • Monthly medication evaluation to prevent complications
  • Assessment and monitoring after falls
  • Monitoring of changes in mental status
  • Weekly care of short-term rehab patients to ensure progress in plan of care
  • Monthly compliance visits to long-term care patients
  • Counseling for patients and family on current medical plan of care, current status, long-term care options and advanced directives

Our providers also will assess and provide:

  • Laboratory and imaging reports
  • Pharmacy recommendations
  • Pain control
  • Antibiotic medications with secondary infection prevention
  • Psychotropic medication monitoring compliance
  • Wound care, lymphedema management, and ostomy management