Baptist Health Care
August 30, 2013

Baptist Health Care Now Offers Private Rooms

Baptist Health Care (BHC) now offers private rooms to all patients at all four hospitals: Baptist, Gulf Breeze, Atmore Community and Jay.

BHC is continuing our mission of improving the quality of life for our community. Through thoughtful planning and improved efficiencies and expansion, we are now able to guarantee private rooms to all patients.

BHC recognizes that comfort is vital to the healing process. No one looks forward to a hospital stay, but when you need this level of care, you can depend on patient-centered service at Baptist hospitals. Private rooms offer a more quiet, family-friendly environment for better relaxation and improved privacy to help patients heal in comfort.

Watch the video below to find out more about your community’s only locally owned, nationally recognized health care system.

Baptist Health Care is working with Mayo Clinic Care Network to provide the best possible care to patients in our community.