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Digital Mammography at Baptist. Accredited by the American College of Radiology
3D Digital Mammography

Digital Mammography – 3D Breast Imaging

In 2011, Baptist Hospital was the first hospital in Florida to gain FDA approval to perform digital breast tomosynthesis, or 3-D digital mammography.

Hologic Selenia Dimensions 3-D is the latest technology in the battle against breast cancer as it takes advantage of all of the benefits of digital mammography to create unparalleled high-quality images.

3-D digital mammography takes more precise and detailed images at various angles, which can be reconstructed to create a 3-D view of the breast. This allows doctors to examine the inner architecture of the breast without distortion, which enables abnormalities to be seen earlier, when breast cancer is most treatable.

3-D digital mammography is available at three Baptist Health Care locations:

Benefits of 3-D Digital Mammography

  • Improved accuracy and detection
  • Clearer images that show structures in the breast and their spatial relationship with the surrounding breast tissue.
  • Ability to detect breast cancer very early
  • Tomosynthesis scans can be performed quickly
  • Confidence to rule out cancer without recalling the patient for further study

Digital Mammography – Facts:

  • One in eight American women will develop breast cancer sometime in her lifetime
  • Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death among women, exceeded only by lung cancer
  • When detected and treated early, the chance for a cure is nearly 100 percent

At this time, there is no sure way to prevent breast cancer, which is why The American Cancer Society recommends that all women 40 years of age and over have a screening mammogram every year, in association with an annual clinical breast examination and monthly breast self-exam.

Baptist Health Care is working with Mayo Clinic Care Network to provide the best possible care to patients in our community.