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Take a quick walk through the Lakeview campus with us and see how Lakeview is helping people overcome life's challenges... everyday.
Take a quick walk with us through the Lakeview campus...

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Management Advisory Council

Gary Bembry, CPA – President / CEO Lakeview Center & Senior Vice President, Baptist Health Care

Gary Bembry, CPA

President /CEO
Lakeview Center

Senior Vice President
Baptist Health Care

  Dennis Goodspeed – Vice President, Behavioral Health Services

Dennis Goodspeed

Vice President
Behavioral Health Services

Shawn Salamida – Vice President, Child Protective Services

Shawn Salamida

Vice President
Child Protective Services

  Allison Hill, CPA – Vice President, Finance / Chief Financial Officer

Allison Hill, CPA

Vice President
Chief Operating Officer

Lakeview Center

Rich Gilmartin, CVE – Vice President, Vocational Services

Rich Gilmartin, CVE

Vice President
Vocational Services

  Sandy Whitaker, SPHR – Vice President, Corporate Development

Sandy Whitaker, SPHR

Vice President
Corporate Development

Tra Williams, CFE, Chief Operating Officer, Lakeview Associated Enterprises and Vice President, Franchise Development

Tra Williams, CFE

Chief Operating Officer
Lakeview Associated Enterprises

Vice President
, Franchise Development