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Inpatient (Adult)

Lakeview Center's inpatient services range from an acute crisis stabilization and detoxification to short-term residential treatment and long-term care within a state hospital setting.

Acute Stabilization Unit (ASU)
Lakeview Center's Acute Stabilization Unit (ASU) is a crisis stabilization and medically supervised drug and alcohol detoxification facility. The average length of stay is three to five days with discharge linkages to outpatient or residential services.

Behavioral Medicine Center (BMC)
This 80-bed acute care facility includes specialty men's, women's and children's units. Baptist Behavioral Medicine Center is a component of Baptist Hospital and the Baptist Health Care network.

West Florida Community Care Center (WFCCC)
WFCCC is an 80-bed state treatment facility managed by Lakeview Center. This inpatient hospital provides extended care for people whose psychiatric symptoms cannot be stabilized in an acute care setting and need a longer period of time to reduce acuity. WFCCC primarily serves people on an involuntary basis, using medications, behavioral and counseling therapies, educational classes, and focused individualized treatment. The average length of stay is approximately four months.

Crisis Screening / Emergency Services
People who are in crisis due to mental health or substance abuse issues are provided emergency assessment and linkage to necessary services, including inpatient care or outpatient referrals. This service is available 24 hours a day, every day including weekends and holidays.

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