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Outpatient (Adult)

Lakeview Center provides a variety of drug and alcohol treatment services in a variety of locations. All of them use well-established, research-based treatment methods that have been proven to be effective for treating addictions.

The Friary
Located near Gulf Breeze, Florida, The Friary is a residential and outpatient treatment facility for people with alcohol and drug dependencies. By addressing multiple aspects of addiction, The Friary helps its clients develop strengths and skills necessary for recovery. Services are provided in a caring and supportive environment using treatment methods that have been proven to be effective. Once a retreat for retired Franciscan friars, The Friary's tranquil setting on beautiful Escambia Bay is ideal for those beginning the recovery process.

Pathway Outpatient Services
Intended for people who require treatment for drug and alcohol dependencies, the primary focus of this program is on those who are seeking treatment as recommended by a court or probation officer. Services include assessment, treatment planning and group / individual/family counseling.

Lakeview Campus
A flexible and multi-level program is available to clients whose drug or alcohol issues can be effectively addressed on an outpatient basis.

Avalon Center
Located in Milton, Avalon Center provides outpatient mental health and substance abuse services to children, adolescents and adults living in Santa Rosa County. Services include assessment, individual/group/family counseling, crisis intervention and psychiatric medical services.

Century Clinic
Located in northern Escambia County, Century Clinic provides outpatient services for adults with mental health issues, substance use disorders or a combination of both. These services include initial assessments for psychiatric and substance use programs, case management services, substance abuse education groups, individual and group counseling, and referrals to link clients to other services.

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