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Residential (Adult)

These services provide the most comprehensive and intense level of treatment for people with serious drug or alcohol problems. Treatment for co-occurring mental illnesses is integrated into care, promoting the client's overall recovery. Length of stay varies according to individual needs.

The Friary
Located near Gulf Breeze, FL, The Friary is a residential and outpatient treatment facility for people with alcohol and drug dependencies. By addressing multiple aspects of addiction, The Friary helps its clients develop strengths and skills necessary for recovery. Services are provided in a caring and supportive environment using treatment methods that have been proven to be effective. Once a retreat for retired Franciscan friars, The Friary's tranquil setting on beautiful Escambia Bay is ideal for those beginning the recovery process.

Road to Recovery
Road to Recovery provides the most comprehensive and intense level of care for men and women who have serious drug or alcohol addictions. This highly structured program also addresses co-occurring mental health issues to promote overall recovery. Typical length of stay in this program is 60 days.

For more information on eligibility and cost, please contact: Dustin Perry, Admissions Director, 850-469-3579

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