Guidewell Clinic Guides You Into a Healthy New Year

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Guidewell Clinic guides you into a healthy new year

GuideWell Primary Care provides quality family medicine services through Baptist Medical Group exclusively for Blue Cross and Blue Shield members age 2 and older. The team includes a board-certified family medicine physician, two nurse practitioners and medical support team dedicated to providing patient care that includes medical visits, wellness and support programs, plus on-site lab services. The clinic is located at the Florida Blue Center in Cordova Commons at 1678 Airport Blvd., Pensacola.

 You don’t have to face health concerns or aspirations alone. Your doctor is here to help you and wants to see you succeed. Kevin Schopmeyer, M.D., board-certified family medicine physician at GuideWell, recommends that at the start of a new year, you schedule a visit with your doctor to discuss health goals. Instead of just writing down a resolution, seek help from a medical professional who can offer resources and tools to make that health goal a reality. 

“I enjoy helping patients improve their lives through health promotion,” said Dr. Schopmeyer. “I spend time listening to those I see to ensure I gain a sense of what my patient wants to achieve. Together we make a plan for success.” 

Tracking current food intake is a good way to see if any nutrition is lacking or should be added. The team at GuideWell recommends that patients with concerns about their weight (overweight or underweight) write down the foods and amounts eaten for several days prior to a doctor visit. Tracking feelings and reactions to food after consumed is another way to determine if a particular food is causing an unwanted response, such as inflammation or upset stomach. 

Jodilyn Holz, APRN-C, a board-certified family medicine nurse practitioner at GuideWell Primary Care says that journaling is a good habit to ensure a patient can see the important connection of nutrition to health.

“Nutrition is key to our overall health” said Holz. “Use of a journal or nutrition app can increase awareness of needs as well as encourage dietary compliance.”

Good health is a lifestyle, and it happens one step at a time. Individuals make everyday choices that lead to being proactive about wellbeing. The team at GuideWell Primary Care through Baptist Medical Group (BMG) offers this guide to put you on the right path to a healthier you in 2020 and beyond. 

Any Blue Cross Blue Shield member from any state can receive care and benefit from the expertise of the qualified team at GuideWell Primary Care at BMG. Book your next appointment at

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