Personalized Women's Care

Gulf Coast Healthy Living Magazine Volume 8, Issue 3 - Baptist Health Care

Personalized Women's Care for you and the generations to come

As no two people are alike, every mother and baby experience is different. Some women want health education and support every step of the way during a pregnancy. Others want the opportunity to choose their own labor and delivery path, only receiving assistance when they ask for it. That’s why Baptist Health Care Women Services is tailored to each individual mom and her family.

Some moms, like Heather, want a detailed, very involved experience and sign up for the multiple class offerings available. 

 “My husband and I attended the Childbirth Experience and Breastfeeding classes to help us prepare for our experiences into parenthood,” said Heather. “We learned so much that we didn’t know and built relationships with other expecting parents and the instructors.” 

Moms like Jessica prefer a more flexible approach and do not wish to be overwhelmed with too much information until it is happening. 

“I enjoy talking to my care team about what is to come, but I decided to take more of a care-free approach with my pregnancy and not overthink the process,” said Jessica. “I want to experience everything first hand but be free to reach out when I need help or guidance, and I feel supported at Baptist to do that.” 

Some new mom experiences don’t go as planned. Shelby had a challenging labor with her first pregnancy that resulted in a long process and a C-section with her son Tommy. 

“The labor and delivery staff were very attentive and made me feel comfortable and safe during a difficult labor,” said Shelby. “My OB/GYN physician, Erika Schneider, M.D., went above and beyond for me. Dr. Schneider was always cheerful and supportive during my birthing experience.” 

Baptist Women Services offers options and encourages women to select a birth plan that’s right for them. The team will help moms adjust it as they go along.  

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