4 Tips for Well-Being in 2019

Gulf Coast Healthy Living Magazine Volume 8, Issue 1 - Lakeview Center

4 Tips for Well-Being in 2019

Each year you start out with good intentions: Quit bad habits, adopt good ones. Then, before you know it, a crisis hits, and you feel overwhelmed again. You find yourself slipping into risky behaviors or having depressive thoughts. How do you sustain mental well-being when the going gets tough?

David Josephs, Psy.D., is the clinical director at Lakeview Center. He’s treated a diverse group of people over the past two decades, and he says if you are asking this question, you may want to start by evaluating the things you place value on in your life.

1. Be Aware

“The things we can do to make sure we are truly content don’t have to be fancy. In large part, it depends on what we place value on in life,” says Dr. Josephs. “Playing with our pets, spending time with our kids, creating art, exercising or any other reliable way to disconnect from the hustle and turmoil of life will feed well-being.” 

One thing you can count on is unpredictability, but paying attention to the things that provide you unconditional and positive regard will help see you through. Make more time for those activities because they send messages that “everything will be OK” and “you are OK.” 

2. Enlist A "Coach"

If catastrophe hits and you realize that you don’t feel like your usual self, reach out to your doctor – or as Dr. Josephs puts it – your “coach.” People spend money and time on yoga coaches, sports coaches, weightloss coaches, but less often mental health coaches. Think of your doctor or therapist as your health care coach. 

3. Don't Sacrifice

Above all, be true to yourself. Don’t sacrifice personal happiness, health and longevity. Know that you deserve it and place high value on it. “People often think of physical health as being different than mental health, but both are equally important. When you actively place value on mental health, your behaviors will support a calmer life.” For instance, surround yourself with supportive people and environments, and participate in healthy activities.

4. Unplug

Another thing that may seem impossible to avoid is negative news from countless sources. If world events bring you down, limit yourself on television, social media, the internet and other news sources. Disconnect from Facebook for a while. Instead, take regular walks, pick up a good book and start reading, or have regular play dates at the park with your dog or children. 

Happiness and good health take work. Expand on the healthy experiences. Take a healthy, constructive route on your life journey and reap the rewards of peace and calm.

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