First in the Area to Offer Impella — the “World’s Smallest Heart Pump”

Baptist Health Care and Cardiology Consultants, regional leaders in quality cardiovascular care, are the first in the area to offer Impella – the world’s smallest heart pump. Luther I. Carter, M.D., F.A.C.C., F.S.C.A.I., interventional cardiologist, Cardiology Consultants, recently performed the first cardiac procedure using this breakthrough technology that is changing the industry standard for cardiac care.

“The catheter-based heart pump relieves the heart’s pumping function by providing temporary support that allows physicians the time needed to perform life-saving interventions,” explained Dr. Carter. “This tiny device acts almost like an artificial heart as it maintains blood flow through the body during a cardiac procedure.”

“The first patient to undergo a heart cath with the tiny heart pump at Baptist Hospital was up and walking around within a few hours,” said Dr. Carter. “Thanks to the Impella pump and devices like it, we can offer next level cardiovascular care for high-risk patients. This treatment is truly world class as it offers patients faster recovery and better outcomes.”

Baptist Health Care and Cardiology Consultants offer the minimally invasive approach to assist critically ill heart patients who are deemed too high-risk for traditional surgery. In patients with weakened hearts either from longstanding blockages of the arteries or those who have a heart attack, the Impella enables blood flow with seamless and immediate circulatory support for critically ill patients and improves procedural and long term outcomes. The traditional procedure for opening a blocked heart artery reduces normal heart function to about 10% or less. With the Impella pump in place during the procedure physicians are able to open up the blocked artery while maintaining excellent circulatory support and enhanced blood flow to the heart and body.

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