Stroke Care

Baptist Health Care Stroke Program

More stroke patients may now be eligible for treatment, but the first step is still up to you: Call 911.

Stroke is the fifth leading cause of death and the No. 1 cause of disability in adults.

The type of treatment depends on the type of stroke.

Baptist Health Care provides telestroke to patients at Baptist and Gulf Breeze hospitals. Through telestroke, a Mayo Clinic neurologist is at hand 24/7 to help diagnose and recommend treatment.
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happens when a clot blocks a vessel supplying blood to the brain. It's the most common type, accounting for 87% of all strokes. The treatment goal is to bust or remove the clot.


is caused by a rupture in a blood vessel within the brain. Fewer strokes happen as the result of a rupture. The treatment goal is to stop the bleeding.


a TIA occurs when a blood clot blocks an artery for a short time.