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Why did Baptist Health Care break ground on its new campus on Oct. 30, 2020?

On October 30, 1949, our founders broke ground to build Baptist Hospital with the purpose of bringing more modern health care to our community. Exactly 71 years from that date, we broke ground to build a new main health campus at the corner of Brent Lane and I-110. With that event, we officially commemorated the beginning of our journey to bring a modern and more accessible approach to health care to our region. Continuing our founders’ bold vision and legacy, Baptist committed to making this investment to transform care in our community and improve the quality of life for generations to come. Nothing of its kind has been imagined or currently exists in our area.  The groundbreaking event  celebrated the single largest investment in health care facilities, services and programs in Northwest Florida’s history and is a result of our legacy of putting people first with a goal of dramatically advancing health care access, experiences and outcomes for everyone in our community.

What will the new campus be like?

This new 57-acre centrally located campus is designed to be a calm, peaceful, patient-centered environment of care for those we serve. An innovative, convenient, safe and compassionate place to provide and receive care, the new campus will incorporate modern efficiencies in a healing environment. Designed for patients, visitors and team members, the following priorities are incorporated into the planning: patient experience and safety; quality and efficiency; technology integration; flexible and adaptable areas with room for growth; healthy, sustainable buildings; and beautiful settings. Please see the renderings of our beautiful new campus.

What facilities will be on the new campus?

The first phase of the new campus opening in Fall 2023 includes the new full-service, 10-floor, 602,000 square foot flagship hospital, freestanding behavioral health unit and the new six-floor, 178,000 square foot Bear Family Foundation Health Center. These buildings will be complemented by the natural beauty of the town square, designed to provide an activated outdoor space for rest, healing, fellowship and wellness. The scale and design of the campus will provide significant opportunities for growth in the future. Please refer to the facts for additional highlights of the new facilities.

How are the new facilities designed?

The new facilities are designed in a way that puts patients, visitors and team members first, with access, safety, quality, and experience at the forefront of all decisions. Buildings and interiors will reflect the beautiful diversity of our region – incorporating influences of our beaches, downtown Pensacola historic landscape and more rural areas in our region. The interior is designed to foster healing and comfort and will incorporate architecture and views that nourish the mind and promote wellness. Structural quality and resiliency are of utmost importance as we design our facilities to withstand extreme weather conditions that our region experiences. As environmental stewards, we have designed the rooms in ways that reduce energy needs, but also allow for natural light and comfortable temperatures. Please refer to the design focus for additional details about the design of the new campus.

What can you tell us about the location?

Located directly off I-110 at Brent Lane, our new campus will offer more convenient access to all we serve throughout the region. Less than 2.5 miles from our current Baptist Hospital location, the new campus will provide the latest technology, improved capabilities and a beautiful park-like atmosphere. The distinguishing feature of the new campus will be the many existing heritage oaks and magnolia trees, some of which are hundreds of years old. In recognition of this wonderful asset, these beautiful trees are at the heart of the development, in a central active town square where patients, visitors and our team members can enjoy the healing qualities of nature, stroll along a walking path incorporated among the trees, rest or participate in an outdoor wellness class. Campus design with influences of our local history and natural landscape along with the latest in health care facility planning will make this a campus like no other.

Who is the project team that is building this new campus?

We selected a world-class health care design and construction team based on industry-wide reputations and extensive experience in designing, planning and building modern health care campuses.

Gresham Smith is the architect. A nationally renowned architecture, engineering and design practice with 27 locations throughout the United States and Asia, Gresham Smith brings more than 50 years of experience in health care construction to the project.

Meadows & Ohly of Peachtree Corners, Georgia is program manager with responsibility for the organization, coordination and processes involved in construction. Meadows & Ohly has successfully completed over 5 million square feet of health care construction over the past 10 years.

Brasfield & Gorrie serves as general contractor. Founded in 1964, the Birmingham, Alabama-based company has earned national recognition for its work with health care construction which is their largest market sector.

Smith Seckman and Reid (SSR) is the equipment and technology planner. SSR is a 50-year-old engineering and consulting firm supporting health care, sports and municipal environments from design and construction to operations to facility management. Founded on service-oriented and relationship-based approaches, the company has worked with more than 1,500 organizations.

IMH Healthcare will facilitate operational readiness activities, focusing on operational process improvements, facility readiness, patient move planning, staff readiness and training, and operations readiness. The IMH Healthcare team brings decades of experience to properly plan and execute the transitioning to new, replacement, and campus expansion projects in a safe, efficient and patient-centered way.

Initial sub-contracts have been let to expand the team with local resources. Baptist and the project team remain committed to engaging local, minority, woman, and veteran-owned businesses in this transformational project.

What is the estimated economic impact of this project?

The Haas Center at University of West Florida in February of 2020 conducted an economic impact study using an IMPLAN analysis for construction of new health care structures. Based on the center’s research, this construction project is estimated to generate 4,261 construction jobs and nearly $201 million in direct construction labor income. Due to an increase in the demands for goods and services from the construction’s supply chain, this construction project is estimated to create an additional 735 indirect jobs, nearly $34 million in wages, and $121.3 million in regional revenue and sales. Construction expenditures help to support not only direct jobs in the construction sector, but also generate additional jobs for the community. The study notes that through this multiplier effect, this project will create an additional 956 jobs, $40.1 million in additional income to the region, and over $128 million to the regional economic activity. Finally, this project also has a positive impact on federal, state and local taxes.

What is the timeline planned for this location?

Construction of the new Baptist Health Care campus remains on budget and on schedule to open in Fall 2023. Please see our timeline to help you understand how the work will be phased leading up to this exciting time for Baptist and our community.  View our timeline.

How and when will relocation to the new campus be managed?

We have partnered with IMH Healthcare to plan the move to our new health campus when it is completed in the Fall of 2023. Over the next two years, IMH Healthcare will facilitate Baptist’s operational readiness activities, focusing on operational process improvements, facility readiness, patient move planning, staff readiness and training, and operations readiness. When we begin our transition to the new location, we will provide very thorough communications regarding that process to ensure a seamless transition of care for those we serve.

How can you stay informed on construction progress?

Visit for more information, regular updates and photos and videos of the construction project. We pledge to keep you informed every step of the way as we build this new campus that will transform health care in our community and improve the quality of life for generations to come.

Is there an effort to preserve any of the natural growth, oak trees, magnolias, etc. surrounding and throughout the new location?

Our goal is to preserve as many trees as possible at the new location while meeting our space needs to serve our community.

Will valet services be offered?

We will continue to offer valet services at the new location.

What will the traffic flow be like and will stop signs/lights be added?

We will be working with county and transportation officials to ensure potential traffic challenges are mitigated. Turn lanes and various entry points to the new campus will be evaluated to enhance traffic flow and alleviate traffic and congestion. Solutions may also include additional stop signs or traffic lights.

Will the hospital have a food court?

We understand that amenities are important for team members, patients and visitors.  We are exploring the opportunities to incorporate amenities such as food vendors in the new campus.

Will there be a bus route available to and from the hospital?

There are currently stops on multiple ECAT routes that are in close proximity to our new location. We will partner with community transportation officials to ensure routes and schedules accommodate patients, team members and visitors to get to and from our new hospital location.

Will a retail pharmacy be located at the new campus?

Yes, we anticipate having a retail pharmacy to meet the needs of our patients, team members and the community we serve as well as a full inpatient pharmacy at the new hospital.

Will there be a garden, specifically a healing garden, on the property?

We understand how important quiet spaces to reflect and rejuvenate can be to healing. Several areas have been reserved and designed specifically for this purpose.

What are the plans to expand labor and delivery/ mother and baby/ nursery?

The maternity area in the new hospital campus will contain hotel-like suites where labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum care all occur in the same private room, ensuring babies and moms can be in a room together.

Are the physician offices moving to the new campus?

Yes. Physician offices that are currently located in the Towers will move to the Bear Family Foundation Health Center at the new facility.

Will the new campus have all new equipment?

We will take inventory of existing equipment to determine what can be relocated and repurposed and what needs to be purchased new to better meet the innovative delivery of health care at the new location.

How many ORs will there be?

The current plan is to build up to 16 operating rooms (combined inpatient and outpatient.)

Will the ER remain at the current location or move to the new one?

There will be an Emergency Department at the new hospital campus. We are reviewing the data we have that helps us better understand the health care services received by patients who live in the immediate area of the current hospital. This data, as well as community input, is being considered as planning for the future of the current location evolves.

How many acres total is the new location?

The new location is approximately 57 acres. This equals the acreage that the current Baptist Hospital and Towers occupy.

Will Baptist keep its trauma certification?

Yes, we intend that all designations that we have currently will remain and move with us to the new location.

Will there be more children’s services delivered?

We continue to explore opportunities to expand services to best meet the needs of families.

What is the recycling focus going to be as Baptist transitions to the new hospital and reimagines the current E Street campus? How will equipment be recycled/repurposed?

As we continue our facility master planning process, we are focused on being strong environmental stewards. Our goal is to be as environmentally friendly as possible during construction and after opening, and we will look at components of our environmental responsibility including recycling. We will also look for opportunities for repurposing for reuse and/or resale and explore any opportunities to donate equipment for mission and ministry purposes.

What will happen with the existing E Street campus?

Plans for enhancing community-based offerings at the current location are in development to determine how to best serve local needs.

Will other businesses/new ones come to the E Street campus?

We are reimagining what the current E Street campus could look like and how this location can best meet the needs of our community well into the future. We have engaged in discussions with community members and partners to better understand the needs and potential solutions to those needs, and will work to determine which of those options may have a future home here at the E Street campus. James Lima Planning + Development, a nationally-known urban planning firm, is leading those efforts.

Can the E Street campus consider more outreach services for homeless community, including food, clothing and shelter?

We are reimagining what the current E Street campus could look like and how this location can best meet the needs of our community well into the future. We are engaged in discussions with community members and partners to better understand the needs and potential solutions to those needs, and will work to determine which of those options may have a future home here at the E Street campus. Homelessness and provision of basic needs are critical issues in our community, and we will work with partners to determine if it makes sense to try to address these challenges with solutions delivered at our E Street campus.

What does it mean that the new campus will be more modern?

The new hospital will optimize the health care environment using the latest emerging technologies to enhance patient safety and staff efficiency. It will feature all private patient rooms with space sufficient to accommodate families overnight. It will have the latest in surgical environments with private pre-operative and post-secondary recovery rooms, and operating rooms suitable for robotics and hybrid imaging technologies. Above all, the new campus will provide a healing environment to enhance the human experience for patients, families, their care providers and entire staff, by providing easy wayfinding, optimum privacy, the highest level of infection control, quiet spaces for respite, and the latest in communication and information technologies.

How is Baptist transforming care?

Throughout our history, we’ve consistently made bold moves to provide more and better care for the community we call home. Just over 10 years ago, we opened the Andrews Institute for Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine to bring leading orthopedic care to our community. In 2013, we became a Mayo Clinic Care Network member to connect our local experts with leaders in their field so we can provide world-class care here in Northwest Florida. Most recently, we developed our medical parks in Pace and on Airport Boulevard to provide more convenient access to our services. The next bold move? Our new facility, further expanding access and combining new approaches and technologies to serve our community.

Why build a new facility?

Put simply: to provide the next-level care that our community deserves! Better access, new and improved capabilities, and updated technology are just the start. Our goal is to make it seamless for those we serve to get what they need. We are committed to providing the very best care for our patients and team members, and our new facility will allow us to do exactly that.

Why was this location selected?

We explored several options. However, it was important to us to remain near our E Street campus while also improving access to our hospital services in our broader, ever-expanding community. This includes the counties of Escambia, Santa Rosa and beyond. We enlisted the support of the UWF Haas Center and other experts to help us identify and evaluate locations. The selected site, less than 2.5 miles from our E Street campus, is conveniently located at the southwest corner of the intersection of Brent Lane and I-110 and provides quicker and easier access to all whom we serve.

What will the new facility cost and how will it be paid for?

We expect the investment in this new facility to be approximately  $636 million, the majority of which will be funded through new debt issuance. This investment will have significant economic impact for the community, and we are excited to be a part of the advancement and evolution of Pensacola.

Is there a new campus timeline?

Yes! We want to keep you informed every step of the way as we move through the key phases of work that will take us from the announcement of our plans to build this facility through the time of opening the new campus. Please see our timeline to help you understand how this work will be phased and when each phase of work will occur.

Why are the bed numbers of the new hospital changing?

We anticipate that our new hospital will have about 264 active medical beds. We have 253 active beds now, and our average daily census is around 233. Therefore, the bed count at the new location better reflects the needs of today's care. When we built our hospital many years ago, inpatient stays were much higher than today. Following childbirth, a new mother would have a week-long stay. Surgeries that used to require multiple days in the hospital are now delivered in an outpatient setting.

Is the new hospital’s location in a flood zone? Heavy rains have caused properties in that general vicinity to be under water.

The Baptist Health Care Facilities Department has reviewed the new campus location. It is not in a flood zone, and we are not aware of any historical flooding on the property where our hospital will be constructed. There is an area further to the west of the property on Brent Lane that has experienced flooding, but our location has not encountered this issue.

Why is Baptist building a new campus?

Throughout our history, we’ve consistently made bold moves to provide more and better care for the community we call home. Our new facility enables us to further expand access and combine new approaches and technologies to serve our community, while maintaining a close presence – within 2.5 miles – of our existing main hospital location at our E Street campus.

How will this affect you?

We will continue to provide you with quality medical care at all of our locations. The new location will off er more convenient access to the latest technology, improved capabilities and a beautiful modern health campus.

I have an appointment scheduled. Is that changing?

No. The new location is planned to open in Fall of 2023. Any appointments you have at this time will not be changed because of this announcement.

Is my doctor’s office at the Baptist Hospital/Towers campus moving?

Not until the new campus opens in 2023.  Your provider’s office will contact you far in advance to give you all the details.

Will services be the same at the new facility?

All clinical services currently offered at our E Street campus will be available at the new location.

Will all my records transfer over?

When the time comes, all records will be transferred electronically. This move will be a seamless transition for our patients.

Will my insurance still be covered?

Managed care plans will not be affected by this change. However, to confirm the plans we accept, visit