Newborn Nursery

Security for you and the newest member of your family is our highest concern.

When your baby arrives and begins to enjoy the first moments of life, our staff and trained specialists are working to ensure a safe environment. A state-of-the-art security system is used to keep your baby safe and give you peace of mind. At the time of birth, a small sensor will be placed on a bracelet around your baby’s ankle. This sensor will send an alarm and lockdown the unit if the baby gets within 15 feet of a door that exits the unit. All employees in the Baptist Women’s Center have pink name badges that serve as a visual reminder and added layer of security for your baby.

Our nursery focuses on enhancing and stimulating your baby’s health whether your birth is routine or more complex, such as with advanced maternal age or twins.

The comfortable, secure nursery environment is managed by expert nursing staff members who love working with babies and have the ability to compassionately assess and care for your baby’s health care needs.