Nurse Residency Program (NRP)

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Baptist Hospital Nurse Residency Program is accredited as a Practice Transition Program by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.

The Nurse Residency Program (NRP) focuses on new graduate nurses as they enter clinical practice. The evidenced-based curriculum delivers on four key areas:

  • Leadership
  • Patient Safety Outcomes
  • Professional Development
  • Evidence Based Practice
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Eligible candidates are newly hired nurses who will work in a hospital setting and have less than one year of experience. These team members are automatically enrolled in the program upon accepting a nursing position at Baptist. The NRP bridges the gap between preparation and practice through a series of learning experiences designed to support new hospital nurses as they transition into professional nursing practice.

The NRP bridges the gap between preparation and practice through a series of learning experiences designed to support new nurses as they transition into professional nursing practice. Series of monthly classroom seminars allow new nurses to network and enhance their professional practice as well as improve their critical thinking skills and situational awareness. In addition to the one year program, new graduates receive 12 weeks of structured orientation on the hiring unit.

This comprehensive, evidence-based program provides 12 months of support for new R.N.’s (less than one year of experience) as they transition to practice and begin their career as a member of the Baptist Health Care team.

In addition to Baptist’s traditional 12 week on-boarding and training, multiple small cohorts of graduate registered nurses’s (R.N) will attend monthly sessions for one year. Each session will begin with an open discussion topic, presentation of curriculum, hands on skill sessions and simulation. Residents will complete an evidence-based practice (EBP) project, participate in career planning, and complete evaluation tools on initiation, 6 months and one year. In addition, residents will receive ongoing mentorship and interaction with nursing experts and leaders within our organization.

Participation Guidelines

  • Attend, actively participate and complete all activities in the program including projects, online courses, small groups, journals and career planning. All of the program activities take place during paid hours off their respective unit.
  • ASN and BSN graduates are all eligible for the program. We will encourage ASN graduates to complete their BSN degree within three years of R.N. hire start date.
  • There is a financial commitment by Baptist to the residency program for each resident. Baptist will ask that each resident also commit to Baptist for a period of two clinical years, which is supported by a $5,000 obligation to Baptist by the resident if the agreement is not fulfilled.


Must be a registered nurse (R.N.) less than one year of full time R.N. experience (less than 2,080 hours) by start date.

  • Florida R.N. license or
  • Temporary Florida license or

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Baptist Hospital’s Nurse Residency Program?
The Nurse Residency Program (NRP) is a year-long series of learning experiences designed to support new registered nurses (R.N.) as they transition into professional nursing practice. All new nurse graduates will be automatically enrolled in the program once they begin employment at Baptist. To see current listings, click on Search Jobs at the top of the page. Initially only new nurses hired to inpatient units of Baptist Hospital in Pensacola will be enrolled in the NRP and committed to the contract (see participation guidelines). However, by 2018 the goal is to have all new R.N.’s hired into the Baptist system participating in the NRP. The classes will begin every ten weeks and the residents will be rolled into the next class available after hire date.
What does Baptist Health Care’s Nurse Residency provide?
Mentorship and support for graduate registered nurses (R.N.) to improve their personal and professional development, confidence, competency and critical thinking skills. The residency will help new nurses become better prepared clinicians and foster the development of both the art and science of their nursing practice.
How often will Baptist offer the Nurse Residency?
Residency cohorts, or groups, will be started every ten weeks. The goal is to keep the cohorts small to promote cohesiveness and provide a supportive environment for new nurses.
What are the requirements for application to Baptist’s Nurse Residency Program?
Less than 1 year of full time R.N. experience (less than 2,080 hours)
Do I need to pass the NCLEX prior to applying?
Yes, you must have an active license prior to applying for a registered nurse position.
Is a BSN degree required?
ASN and BSN graduates are all eligible for the program. It is strongly encouraged that ASN graduates will be committed to the completion of the BSN degree within three years.
What will my schedule be during the Residency?
Once orientation to the unit is completed, you will move to the regularly scheduled pattern of shifts for your position. Time dedicated to the Residency Program activities will be accommodated in your schedule. You will meet once a month with your residency cohort.
What will I be paid while in the Residency Program?
Your normal hourly wage.
Is it possible to take time off during the residency?
Yes, paid leave and requests for time off will follow Baptist policy.
Do I have to participate in the Nurse Residency Program to become employed at Baptist as a new graduate?
Yes, all new graduates will be enrolled in the Nurse Residency Program (NRP). In 2017 only new graduate nurses hired into inpatient units at Baptist Hospital in Pensacola will be required to participate in the NRP. However, by 2018 all new graduate nurses in Baptist will be required to participate in the residency.
Does this program replace the traditional orientation program?
No, this program complements and supplements the traditional orientation. All new graduates will complete the traditional orientation, which has class, online and clinical practice experiences. The orientation will take place on the clinical unit for which the nurse is hired.
Do nurse residents choose their unit or are they assigned?
The resident applies to a specific clinical area and is automatically enrolled in the Nurse Residency Program.
I have more than one year of R.N. experience – do I still qualify for the Nurse Residency Program?
Unfortunately, you would not qualify. This program is only for new graduate R.N.'s with less than 12 months of experience. However there are many internal and external opportunities for professional development for all of our nurses at Baptist.
What if I want a different job before my 2 year commitment is fulfilled?
As long as the transfer is internal this does not violate the two year contract. If you are trying to switch to a position that is outside the Baptist system before the two years, you will be required to fulfill the $5,000 commitment to the hospital.

For Additional Information Contact
Lori Wichman
Nurse Residency Coordinator/Clinical Educator
Baptist Health Care
1000 West Moreno Street
Pensacola, FL 32501