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Dr. Joshua Dixon is a skilled otolaryngology (ENT) physician and surgeon. He specializes in treating and diagnosing a wide scope of ear, nose, throat and head and neck conditions. He is currently accepting new patient appointments at his practice in Pensacola.

Medical Education
University of Alabama School of Medicine
Birmingham, AL

University of Kentucky
Department of Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery
Louisville, KY

Board Certifications
American Board of Otolaryngology

Professional Memberships
American Academy of Otolaryngology
American College of Surgeons
American Medical Association
Medical Association of the State of Alabama

Clinical Specialties
Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery

Meet your Doctor

What led you to become a doctor or choose your focus of medicine?
Ever since high school, I’ve wanted to be a surgeon. I wanted to be able to help people quickly, to operate and see immediate results. I chose otolaryngology because I was fascinated by the intricate anatomy and the variety of patients and pathology I could see. Patients are typically intimately aware of problems involving their head and neck. All the senses that allow humans to perceive their world are located there. By helping patients with head and neck problems, I have the opportunity to make a tremendous difference in their lives.

What about your line of work do you find most rewarding and why?
I enjoy seeing patients, talking to them, getting to know them, listening to their problems, finding the correct diagnosis, explaining and making sure they understand, treating them, and seeing them get better. I get to do all of this, to take care of my patients all the way through.

In your opinion, what’s the most important factor in a doctor-patient relationship?
Trust. Trust that the physician always has the patient’s interest in mind. Trust that the physician will do whatever needs to be done to take care of the patient.

What can a patient expect when they have you as a doctor?
That I will do everything in my capacity to help them with their problem and to make them feel better.

What are your top priorities with every patient you see?
I want patients to be comfortable. Most patients understandably have anxiety when they come to see a physician. I want patients to feel confident that they are at the right place, where they will receive the best care. I want them to understand their disease and all the options. I want them to know that my staff and I will be with them from start to finish and that they will never be alone.

Describe one of the top ways you ensure each patient receives the quality, personal health care he/she deserves.
We are constantly re-evaluating and tweaking our whole process and experience, everything that happens from the moment a patient walks in the door. We strive to deliver timely, efficient, and quality care. I consider it of utmost importance for me personally to be up to date on the newest advancements, knowledge, and research, and I spend a significant amount of time each day learning in order to stay sharp and current.

Do you have any specific medical interests?
I enjoy taking care of the whole scope of ENT-related conditions. This includes but is not limited to ear, nasal, sinus, voice, swallowing, thyroid, and salivary disorders. Surgeries include but are not limited to tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, tube placement, tympanoplasty, mastoidectomy, cochlear implant, stapedotomy, septoplasty, turbinate surgery, endoscopic sinus surgery including balloon sinuplasty, thyroidectomy, parotidectomy, neck dissection, laryngectomy, resection of tongue and oral cavity tumors, repair of facial fractures, drainage of neck infections, excision of skin tumors and facial reconstruction, tracheostomy, microscopic laryngoscopy, and airway operations.