Strengthening Our Community

Baptist Health Care knows the value of collaborative partnerships with our fellow not-for-profit organizations to meet the broader health care needs of the community. Together, we can make a greater impact on our community to provide education and increase access to needed health care services.

Escambia and Santa Rosa Community Clinics

One such partnership is the Community Health Northwest Florida (CHNF). Baptist Health Care contributes hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, allowing the clinic to provide hundreds of inpatient hospitalization days and thousands of charity patients with prescription drugs through pharmaceutical company drug programs. This represents thousands of prescriptions valued at well over half a million dollars on average. Baptist Health Care’s additional support of the Santa Rosa Community Clinic delivers thousands of outpatient visits to people needing care.

Health and Hope Clinic

Health and Hope Clinic was established in June 2003 to help meet the needs of the uninsured and medically underserved in Escambia County, and has provided more than $12 million in health care services and 19,000 patient/provider visits. To qualify, persons must be without access to health care insurance and are at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level. We are a comprehensive, multi-site health care clinic that provides access to a doctor, dentist, medications, laboratory, diagnostic testing and education to address our patients’ health needs. Providing these services from multiple locations makes Health and Hope Clinic accessible to the uninsured. Preventive care and chronic disease management are the main goals at Health and Hope Clinic.


We are proud to partner with our physicians to offer WE CARE. This important program provides health education, private primary and specialty medical care for indigent residents. Baptist social workers diligently work each year to gain Medicaid eligibility for prospective WE CARE patients. In total, Baptist Health Care allocates a few million dollars to this program. We also dedicate financial allocations to local organizations in support of health care awareness, education and economic development. Yearly, Baptist Health Care provides hundreds of thousands of dollars to community sponsorships and the United Way of Escambia County.