Frequently Asked Questions

If I do not see my provider in EasySchedule, what should I do?
If you do not see your Baptist Medical Group primary or urgent care provider in EasySchedule, please make an appointment by calling 850.434.4080. Our team will be happy to schedule your visit by phone.

If your provider is listed, but there is a message indicating to call the office to schedule, please note we are working to add your provider into online scheduling later this year. For now, please call the office to schedule the appointment.
Will I receive a reminder for my appointment?
Yes, you will be notified the day you make the appointment and the day of your appointment. During the booking process, you will choose between email or text reminders. Some offices may also call you directly with a reminder as well.
Are there any types of appointments I cannot schedule online?
Yes, certain appointments and exams are not currently available for online booking. Depending if you are a new or existing patient, or require care that extends beyond a traditional appointment time, you may be required to call the office to schedule an appointment. Examples are women wellness annual exams and certain types of procedures. Please note the providers’ scheduling message is below his or her photo and contact information, as well as the provider’s note on the booking form for additional details.
What if I have to cancel my appointment?
All cancelled appointments can be made by calling 850.434.4080.
What if I have further questions about my appointment?.
Call   850.434.4080 if you have any questions about your appointment.