Financial Assistance Policies

Baptist Health Care provides many ways for you to financially manage your health care:

  • Filing your insurance
  • Payment methods of cash, credit, or check payable before service during the preregistration process, payable at registration, or online payment options.
  • CarePayment Loan program
  • Available discounts
  • Financial Assistance for those that qualify

Baptist Health Care provides the option of financial assistance for those patients that qualify for assistance to pay for health care costs. Financial counselors are available to you to help determine if you are eligible for any financial assistance through Baptist Health Care, state or local programs.

  • What services can be covered by financial assistance?
    • Financial assistance covers ONLY hospital services and ONLY the Baptist employed specialty physician services performed during your hospital care.
    • It does not cover the expense of you visiting your Baptist primary care physician.
    • Financial assistance may cover continued care for patients seen at a Baptist Health Care hospital for an emergent event. With financial assistance, patients can receive up to six months of continued care without having to reapply.
    • Financial assistance does not cover any elective outpatient services.
  • What are the financial eligibility requirements for assistance?
    • Patients without insurance must have a household income at or below 300% of federal poverty level. View the Financial Assistance Eligibility Guidelines document.
    • Financial assistance may be available to Medicare recipients and patients who do not have insurance.
    • We also may be able to help those with insurance plans that leave the patient responsible for out-of-pocket costs of 40 percent or more of hospital costs and have a household income at or below 300% of federal poverty level.