Registration Process When You Arrive for Services

You will need your insurance card and your personal photo identification when you are admitted. Information from your insurance card and photo ID will be included in your registration information. Your photo ID will be reviewed and scanned to ensure your medical identity remains protected. Admissions personnel will verify this required information each and every visit. You also will be asked to sign consent forms for treatment. A parent or guardian must sign consent forms for minors. Other required patient information can be provided at check-in.

Hospital policy states that patients must provide insurance information prior to or at the time of admitting. When no insurance information is available for a patient previously admitted to the hospital, team members will use past admitting history for the insurance information as long as the patient confirms this information is still correct. New patients with no past hospital history will be admitted as “self-pay” and provided with an insurance confirmation form to complete and return. When your insurance information is received and confirmed, our records will be updated. Upon admission or during your stay, a financial representative will speak to you regarding your insurance coverage and your financial responsibility. A payment resolution will be made at that time.