Healthy Holiday Gift Giving Ideas

holiday gift with health

This year give your friends, family, co-workers and other loved ones a gift that celebrates and promotes health (the mind, body and spirit). These gifts range in price and emphasize the importance of health and wellness this season.

Try one of these 15 healthy holiday gift ideas for those you care about:

1. Workout bag filled with workout clothes

2. Fruit or vegetable trays for teachers and co-workers instead of cookies and candy

3. Bikes for the family to encourage exercise

4. Camping equipment to enjoy the outdoors more

5. A journal to jot down thoughts and feelings

6. Greaseless, air fryer

7. A gift basket that includes a healthy cookbook and healthy ingredients

8. Gym membership or gift card to a workout studio (fitness gym or other physical activity place)

9. Subscription for a monthly health box (farmers market options, fruit of the month and other options)

10. Adopt a family in need on behalf of someone (giving back to someone in need and offering less to your own family who may not need much)

11. Wearable device to track activity and steps

12. Stainless steel or glass water bottle that is refillable

13. Interactive video game system that offers movement and fun physical activity

14. Wireless, Bluetooth headphones so you can move more

15. Essential oil diffuser with scents that relax 

Show others you really care by giving them something that is good for their health. Try one or more of these suggestions.

Print this list, and take it shopping with you.

Send us your healthy gift giving ideas, and we’ll add to this list for next year’s holiday season.