Holiday Safety Tips

health and safety words in a puzzle piece

During this holiday month, you may be out shopping or running errands after dark. You may be required to park farther away from entrances and bustling crowds. Perhaps you did online shopping and will be expecting packages delivered to your front door when you’re not home. These situations may create some worry or uncertain scenarios.

Follow these 12 safety tips to ensure your holidays are concern-free:

1. Be mindful of your automobile contents. Help remove temptation from any car burglary by removing valuables. Hide or remove loose change, electronic devices and shopping bags. 

2. Park in well-lit areas whenever possible while shopping. Have your keys out and ready when you enter your vehicle. If you feel concerned walking to and from your car, turn the alarm on (if you have one) to alert any suspicious persons. 

3. Remember where you park so that you’re not spending time walking around looking for your vehicle. 

4. Don’t carry too many packages as that could obstruct your view while walking to your car.  Ask a store attendant to watch your things or even walk you to your vehicle. 

5. Be especially observant of children if they are with you while shopping. Don’t let them out of your sight.

6. Avoid talking or texting on your phone while in parking lots and stores. That may make you look distracted and a possible easy target.

7. If you feel that you are being followed, walk or run quickly to a well-lit store or find crowds of people who can offer help. Know where to go immediately for help by looking ahead for a nearby police station or firehouse. 

8. At home, refrain from putting out gifts where anyone can see them inside your home. Keep curtains or window blinds closed. 

9. In your yard, don’t put out empty boxes and packages at the curb for days. Break down boxes and put them inside your trash can on pick-up day instead. 

10. If you’re expecting packages to be delivered to your door and don’t want to leave them out all day, ask a neighbor or friend who may be home or could stop by to put them inside or hold them until you can get the items. 

11. Use the buddy system whenever possible while shopping and traveling during the holidays. 

12. Be aware of your surrounding at all times. Don’t be so caught up in the holidays that you lose sight of what’s happening around you.

We hope these tips help you have a safe and happy holiday season!