Price Transparency: Estimation and Quotes

Reviewed July 21, 2021

The Agency for Health Care Administration's (AHCA's) continues to place an emphasis on health care transparency for Florida’s consumers. AHCA offers a website - to help patients find data on health care costs for national, state, and local prices.

Additionally, Baptist Health Care recognizes that the financial aspect of your care can be overwhelming. Baptist’s commitment to you is to be as transparent as possible and to provide you with the information to help you make decisions about your health care. Once you determine with your physician the services you require, Baptist can help you determine the price estimate of the service. Baptist can provide estimates for those patients with or without insurance.

For the patients with insurance, you should first contact your insurance company to understand your plan benefits for the care/service you anticipate receiving from Baptist Health Care. You should confirm with your insurance company if the physician and the facility are both covered by your insurance plan. This is very important to know to help determine your total financial responsibility for the service you need.

If for any reason the physician or facility is not a participating provider with your insurance, your financial responsibility may increase. See what insurance plans Baptist facilities and physicians participate in.

 Any patient may contact Baptist Health Care directly for assistance with price estimates. We are available to offer assistance to all of our patients: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Baptist Health Care Customer Service

When you contact Baptist Health Care regarding a price estimate, Baptist financial counselors will work to prepare an estimate specific to the services you plan to receive. In the cases of inpatient care, price estimates are based on historical average prices for similar services. If the price estimate is for outpatient diagnostic services such as lab, physical therapy, radiology or outpatient surgeries, etc., an estimate will be provided based on Baptist Health Care’s predetermined price for such service. Estimates are based on a range of potential charges incurred and the prospective payments. Actual charges associated with services provided to the prospective patient can vary from an estimate. Provider charges, both independent and hospital based, can result in separate billing for services. For information, visit our Financial Assistance page.