Cancer Support Services

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A diagnosis of cancer can be overwhelming and affect all aspects of your life. In addition to the physical challenges you may be experiencing from your diagnosis and treatment, many patients and families also experience concerns with navigating the health care system as well as practical issues, such as finances, insurance, transportation, family conflict and feelings of anxiety, fear or depression.

Baptist Cancer Support Services does not want you to fight alone; we are here to walk with you throughout your cancer journey and to help you address these concerns. Our department is composed of patient navigation, social work and dietitian/nutrition services as a part of your cancer care here at Baptist.

Who is my Support Services Team?

Patient Navigation

An integral part of cancer care support for our patients is our patient navigation program. Our mission is to help people throughout life's journey. We do this by ensuring our patients have a contact to help navigate the health care system and to ensure the management of your care is efficient, compassionate, individualized, and meets evidence-based national guidelines. Your navigator will partner with your multi-disciplinary team to follow your plan of care, educate and provide resources, and ensure continuity of care. The navigation program is designed to follow patients from work-up through diagnosis to survivorship.

Here are some of the ways your patient navigator can assist throughout your cancer journey:

  • Providing information and education to help patients and their families learn about the diagnosis and treatment
  • Assessing physical, psychological, social and financial needs of patients in order to identify appropriate resources for support
  • Facilitating physicians’ recommendations to help guide the patient through the health care system while ensuring understanding along the way
  • Empowering patients to feel in control of their care and treatment process
  • Reducing barriers to services by streamlining and scheduling appointments in order to expedite access to care

Oncology Patient Navigators

  • Kelly Ward
    Kelly Ward, LCSW, CN-BM
    Breast Health Navigator
  • Kristi Cobb
    Kristi Cobb, R.N.,
    Lung Navigator
  • Kristie Jernigan
    Kristie Jernigan, RN

Social Work

Oncology Social Work

In addition to our patient navigation program, Cancer Support Services also offers social workers to assist with practical issues that may arise for our patients throughout diagnosis to survivorship. Our social workers are available to assess your needs to identify resources for assistance, address complex feelings in relation to your diagnosis, as well as serve as a support for questions regarding finances, employment, insurance, cost of treatment and much more.

Here are some of the ways your Oncology Social Worker can assist you throughout your cancer journey:

  • Transportation assistance for appointments and treatment
  • Facilitation of support groups
  • Counseling services
  • Assistance with disability applications and FMLA
  • Facilitation of Copay Assistance for treatment and assessments for medication coverage
  • Referrals for financial assistance ie: grants for medical cost coverage, housing/rental/utility assistance, daily living expenses associated with treatment, etc.
  • Coordination of referrals for in-home supports and durable medical equipment
  • Nutrition consultations by a registered dietitia
  • Oral nutrition supplements
  • Diagnosis or treatment - specific education materials
  • Referrals to supportive care services, including cancer rehab, palliative care and home health
  • Afnan Helwih

    Oncology Social Worker

    Afnan Helwih, BSW
  • Blank Profile picture

    Patient Support Advocate

    Victoria Watson

  If you are interested in any receiving more information about our Cancer Support Services, please call us at 448.227.6000 or by completing this form.