Heart Rhythm Center

Many people experience heart arrhythmias — complex heart rhythm disorders. Let our experienced team help you. We are dedicated to addressing symptoms such as:

  • Skipped Beats or Fluttering — Palpitation
  • Rapid Heartbeat — Tachycardia
  • Slow Heartbeat — Bradycardia
  • Lightheadedness or Passing Out — (Pre)Syncope

The Heart Rhythm Center is the region’s first and only comprehensive heart center exclusively focused on the diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmias. Our Cardiology Team is one of the nation’s first to implant the newest device available for cardiac pacing.

One of the most experienced and high volume Electrophysiology procedure centers in the region:

  • Baptist Heart &
    Vascular Institute
  • 2013 = 1720 procedures
  • 2014 = 1757 procedures
  • Duke
    Heart Center
  • 2013 = 1710 procedures
  • Ochsner Heart &
    Vascular Institute
  • 2012 = 1750 procedures

The Baptist Heart and Rhythm Center Electrophysiology Department is at least twice as large as others in the area and rivals many academic centers. Our team’s experience – including doctors, nurses and support staff – create possibilities for the best outcomes of patient’s care and procedure. They are dedicated to using advanced medical technologies combined with compassionate care to address the needs of patients.

Heart Rhythm Center
1717 North E St., Suite 434 Pensacola, FL 32501