Nurse Certification Program

National certification in a nursing specialty demonstrates to the patient and public that a nurse’s knowledge, skills and abilities meet rigorous national standards. Certification also demonstrates a nurse’s continued commitment to advancing his or her practice. At Baptist Health Care, we make it easy to obtain your certification. Through our program, initial certification fees are funded by the organization. Based on the national certification they select, nurses who meet the requirements for our program will be eligible to receive either a prepaid code or a reimbursement check. Baptist makes the application process simple to encourage all registered nurses to obtain certification. We celebrate all certified nurses throughout the organization and thank them for their commitment to excellence.

Baptist Health Care team members are eligible to apply. Please see the application form below for additional requirements.
BHC Nurse Certification Program Application

2018 Certification Program Highlights Images

Nursing professionals standing in front of sign that says Celebrating Certified Nurses Day
Couple of nursing professionals standing together for photo
Group of nursing professionals standing together for picture at Certified Nurses Day
White coat ceremony group picture