Baptist Heart & Vascular Institute Research

Latest Research:
June 2022

The research department is conducting a study to assess the efficacy of an investigational P2Y12 receptor antagonist that is self-administered upon occurrence of symptoms suggestive of an AMI in subjects at risk of having a recurrent AMI. The study drug is administered subcutaneously and provides platelet inhibition sustained for at least eight hours with full recovery of pre-injection platelet function observed 24 hours post injection. The novel approach offers subjects the opportunity to act early while they are waiting for medical assistance.

An acute heart failure trial is assessing the effect of in-hospital initiation of an SGLT2 inhibitor compared to placebo on the clinical outcomes of cardiovascular death or worsening heart failure in patients with reduced ejection fraction ≤40%. The SGLT2 inhibitor is approved by the FDA to reduce the risk of cardiovascular death and hospitalization for heart failure in patients with chronic heart failure regardless of whether they have diabetes but has not been studied in patients hospitalized with acute heart failure.

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