Lead Extraction Clinic

Baptist Lead Extraction Clinic offers minimally invasive and more effective options for the extraction of leads –– the wires attached to cardiac pacing devices that follow blood vessels into the heart muscle. The procedure involves the use of an innovative laser device that breaks up scar tissue built up around the leads, so that they can be removed safely and more easily.

If you require such services, rest easy. Our team is the most experienced in lead removal. We will provide you with excellent care in a compassionate setting. And we encourage you to ask questions and discuss with our physicians any concerns you may have.

Lead Extraction Procedures

Over time leads placed to the heart may no longer function properly due to wear or damage. Some leads have been subject to a manufacturer’s recall. Such leads need to be replaced or removed or both. The Baptist Lead Extraction Clinic offers the latest in medical treatments to remove leads. This includes the manual removal through traditional methods or through laser removal.

Our Expert Team

Lead extraction is a common process at Baptist Heart & Vascular Institute. Sumit Verma, M.D., FACC, Electrophysiologist, has performed hundreds of these procedures. he is a leading expert in the area in cardiac lead extraction. he is trained the latest techniques for lead removal and replacement. our team has pioneered procedures and been in involved in the development of equipment used in this process to ensure the highest degree of quality and safety. patients travel to Baptist Heart & Vascular Institute from all over the region to receive treatment for lead removal and replacement.

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